Clients review on Gary S Nitsche

Posted by Christopher, a Workers Compensation client

Gary Nitsche and his staff were amazing. I am very satisfied with there services and would recommend Gary to anyone who is in need of a personal injury attorney. Gary and his staff were very knowledgeable to the case at hand and kept me informed throughout the proceedings. Most important they were honest with me and straight forward which I truly appreciated.

Car Accident Case

Posted by Sharon, a Car Accident client

Good morning Maria-I would like to personally thank you for your assistance with my recent legal matter. This is the first time I was involved with the legal process as a result of an accident.

You were very patient and attentive with all my concerns; I know I had a lot of them. Both attorneys, Gary Nitsche and Kiadii Harmon, were wonderful and did a great job with the case.

Again, thank you for helping me through the process.

Have a great summer.

Plaintiff - Auto Accident

Posted by Gabrielle, a Personal Injury client

My experience working with this lawfirm was fabulous! My attorney was very professional and very informative. His office handled all aspects of the case for me which allowed me to have no worries and concentrate on getting better. My paralegal was very pleasant and always eager to help in any way. I would recommend this experienced law firm and attorney.

Very Pleased Client

Posted by Terri, a Workers Compensation client

When I came to Gary with my case, I had know clue ..He took over and made sure that I was taken care of...I learned that so much goes on in the office, when it was time for court the attorneys were well educated on what was going on with me and had reports to back it all up. So for Gary and his staff who won my case for me a special Thank you......

All was lost

Posted by Tim, a Workers Compensation client

I was injured at work and told by the owner not to worry; he would take care of everything. Halfway through months of physical therapy my callls to him and his office go unanswered and unreturned. With no other option I looked for a lawyer, I was told by no less than 4 firms, (including one that advertises heavily on tv) that I had no case because there was no accident report. The bills were piling up and collection calls had started.

Being unable to work in my field any longer I would never make the kind of money I was used to. My only option was bankruptcy. While talking with legal aid I repeated my story to the person routing calls and was told not to give up. I just needed the right lawyer. Searching the web I came upon Mr. Nitsche. After reading reviews I thought "Let's see what he can do for me". I had nothing to lose. That call to his office changed everything. I met with him during the next week. He said he would do everything he could to help me. Immediately the bill collectors stopped calling and I could concentrate on PT. To make it short, Mr. Nitsche gave me a result I never thought possible. My ex-employers insurance company offered a settlement. After some back and forth between them and Mr. Nitsche a settlement was agreed upon.

I cannot express the feelings I had at going from financial ruin to having all medical bills paid and a nice amount in the bank. I would be in a very different position financially and my future would'nt be so bright if not for Mr. Nitsche. Truly very good at what he does, I have no problem recommending him to anyone who thinks "All is lost".

Getting my life back.

Posted by Jonathan, a Workers Compensation client

The day I got hurt at work I new I was in trouble. I contacted several attorneys but it was Mr. Nitsche who responded right away and had me in his office the next morning. This first meeting had me feeling secure. Even as my fears were brought to light and I was fired Mr Nitsche gave me a sense of not to worry. This whole experience was devastating but through it all the personalized attention and professionalism made it feel that he was only working for me.

All my questions and concerns were answered right away and today I am on the road to getting some sense back to life. Thank you Mr. Nitsche and staff.

Workmans comp

Posted by Marion, a Workers Compensation client

Gary has kept me informed on all the issues and has always answered my question in a reasonable time.

Gary S. Nitsche

Posted by Karen, a Slip and Fall client

Gary was a pitbull for me in my slip-n-fall case. He battled hard on my behalf to bring my case to a favorable resolution. He took the time to explain every detail, was compassionate, attentive, and he listened to everything I had to say, regardless of how ridiculous it may have been. He was completely honest with me in every aspect of our communications. Gary is a man of great integrity and conviction and stands tall and proud in them. If you need an attorney who is well respected in the legal community, Gary is your man. He made what was a difficult time for me easier, and I'm grateful he was available to assist me.

Caring and thoughtful law office

Posted by m.e., a Personal Injury client

From the first meeting, Gary and his staff have been very attentive and thougtful through the whole process.

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