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Just because a product is available in the store or over the Internet does not mean it is safe. Some defective products make the news because of widespread recalls or FDA announcements. More often, people are hurt without ever knowing that they were at risk. At the Delaware law firm of Nitsche & Fredricks LLC, we help clients get the compensation they deserve through product liability lawsuits.

Legal action related to product defects or malfunctions can be complicated. And the facts and laws that apply to each product liability case are often unique. Whether you have been injured by defective machinery, equipment, household products, health care items or consumer goods, we can help you build a successful case.

At Nitsche & Fredricks LLC, we bring a variety of resources to your case, consulting with experts about that understand consumer products. This approach has helped us achieve a reputation for thorough and forceful advocacy that is known throughout Delaware.

When Product Injuries Occur at Work

Many people think that just because an injury occurs at work, their only recourse is a workers' compensation claim. This is not necessarily true. Often work injuries are caused by damaged, dangerous or defective equipment and machinery. Lawyers who know how to take effective legal action can focus on holding the product manufacturer or distributor accountable for your injury.

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Contact the well-respected lawyers at Nitsche & Fredricks LLC to talk about your product liability case. We have office locations in all three Delaware counties for your convenience, one each in Delaware's New Castle, Sussex and Kent counties. Our Wilmington office is available at 302-655-4040. Call the Bear law office of Gary S Nitsche, P.A. at 302-834-4040 or the Smyrna law office of Gary S Nitsche, P.A. at 302-389-4040. Our Georgetown office is by appointment only.

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