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Food and water are the basic necessities. Unfortunately, it is far too common for nursing home residents to suffer from dehydration and malnutrition. At the law offices of Nitsche & Fredricks LLC, our nursing home dehydration and malnutrition lawyers protect the rights of the victims of elder abuse. We will make sure your loved one has access to proper medical care and the full compensation they deserve.

Providing residents with proper food and water is the most basic service a nursing home should provide. The failure to do so is almost always the result of negligence or abuse. Friends and family members are most often the first people to notice the signs of malnutrition or dehydration, so if you have any suspicions, do not wait to raise your concerns.

We can help you conduct a thorough investigation and determine what led to your loved one's condition. While all Delaware nursing homes must comply with state-run internal investigations, the details of these investigations are not public. This makes it very difficult to collect the evidence needed to file a lawsuit, even if the state finds evidence of negligence.

With extensive experience handling nursing home malpractice cases, our attorneys will file a lawsuit and begin our own investigation as soon as possible. Working with medical experts, we will make sure we obtain all documents, and we will not back down from a nursing home that is unwilling to cooperate.

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With offices in all Delaware counties, our firm makes home, hospital and nursing home visits to abuse and neglect victims across the state. We can help you assess your claim and your options today. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more. Our Wilmington office is available at 302-655-4040. Call the Bear law office of Gary S Nitsche, P.A. at 302-834-4040 or the Smyrna law office of Gary S Nitsche, P.A. at 302-389-4040. Our Georgetown office is by appointment only.

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