Back And Neck Injuries

Wilmington Workplace Back Injury Attorneys

Back injuries are common in today's workforce, not only in labor positions, but in office settings as well. Automation has replaced a number of jobs, but many workers still repeatedly lift heavy equipment and supplies as part of their everyday routine.

Neck injuries are another common occupational hazard for many employees, especially those who are required to constantly look up or down, or perform a lot of driving on the job, such as truck drivers, dental hygienists and movers. Car accidents can cause soft-tissue injuries, which are another common cause of back and neck injuries in employees that can result in serious long-term issues.

When your serious injuries require rehabilitation or you are simply unable to return to work, an attorney can ensure you receive the long-term benefits you need.

Delaware Work-Related Neck Injury Lawyers

Any work injury that results in lost work time generally involves an examination by a doctor who will report his or her findings to your employers' workers' compensation insurance program.

A slipped disk or cracked vertebra may prove to be treatable. A spinal cord injury or a combination of vertebrae injuries may cause a longer-term medical condition.

If it is determined that you have sustained permanent damage to your back, you will receive a partial disability settlement equal to the extent of the damage. If your injury is determined to be so severe that it's unlikely you will work again, you may receive a permanent disability settlement that covers a portion of your expected future earnings.

If you question whether your medical care provider has your best interests in mind, our Wilmington workplace back injury lawyers can help ensure that you are treated fairly and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

After you have been treated for your back or neck injury, you will be re-assessed by a qualified physician. Ideally, this exam will occur at the point of "maximal physical recovery." In other words, your condition is not expected to improve measurably after this exam.

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